About Us

Lodgerstrip is a travel agency based in Barcelona that specializes in booking everything from flights and accommodations to transportation and attraction tickets within the city.  The reason that we specialize in this area is that we have experienced almost everything around!  We are available to answer any and all questions that our clients send our way, and if we find that we don’t have the answer, we will search until we figure it out.

Our goal here at Lodgerstrip is to assist everyone with creating the perfect Barcelona vacation and other touristic cities worldwide. This may mean booking a specific hotel for some people and putting together an innovative itinerary for others.  We love recommending different things to people according to their wants and needs.

In addition to finding the perfect flight, accommodations, and places to visit, we go the extra mile and suggest fantastic restaurants and stores.  This ensures that our clients have a well-rounded experience within Barcelona and will never need to worry about whether they are choosing the best places to eat and shop.  Instead, they will know exactly where they can get the most delicious traditional cuisine in the city and where they will find the most unique items for souvenirs.

General tourist services in barcelona ,where to visit,where to shop and transportation etc

We supply all our clients with all the information that they will need for their trip including a map and information on the easy to use metro system.

We update our tourist information daily, so everyone will find current and useful information when they need it the most.  We are also just a phone call away for everyone, when they are in our city and find that they have a question that they need an answer to.

We hope that all our clients will enjoy our services as much as we love doing what we do best.  We are here for the planning stages of everyone’s trip as well as the middle and the end.  We want all our clients’ trips to go smoothly and will do everything in our power to ensure that they do.