Formentera island beaches

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During the heat of summer, thousands of people flock to the crystal-clear sea water and white sandy beaches of Formentera.

When you arrive by ferry, the white sand and turquoise water against the green pine trees pull you into the island as you make your way to the beautiful port of La Savina. The amazing landscape pulls you in before you even arrive to the Formentera beaches. Each has the white sand beaches and turquoise blue sea that surrounds the island, picture perfect wherever you are.

Because of the Posidonia sea grass that covers the ocean floor, the sea water is some of the clearest in the world. In fact, the sea grass has created a UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999 for Formentera.

Some of the best Mediterranean beaches, this sand, sea, and pine covered island attracts many visitors, many who come on the boats and yachts lay in the bays. To help protect the environment, take all garbage away from the beaches, especially when no bins are available.

With so many beaches to choose from, look at this guide to find the best beaches for every activity. Where is the best snorkeling beach? Best swimming? Quietest beach? This guide will help you find the best one.

Playa Illetes

The most popular beach, Playa Illetes has postcard views of clear water and white sands, similar to the popular Caribbean beaches.

It’s best to go early to this beach, as it can get very crowded during peak season. Perfect for swimming, this beach is shallow far out and has two maned lifeguards for the summer. It is great for the kiddos and during summer, you can rent Hoby-cats, kayaks, and other water sport equipment. At the north end of the beach, you’ll find a restaurant with toilets and beach bars, although not all are open during the quieter off-peak season.

Travel by car for 6 euros for parking, on scooter or push bike for slightly cheaper, or arrive before nine for free parking. If you come during off-season, parking is free! There is also a small ferry to the beach from La Savina port. Once on the beach, you can also take a ferry from the north end to the island of Espalmador.

Cavall d’en Borràs

If you love boat spotting, this is the best beach, as you can see boats sail to La Savina’s beautiful harbor.

Conveniently located a short bike ride or quick walk away from port, this beach offers views of Ibiza in the distance. It’s the closest to the port of La Savina and offers a less busy beach with a restaurant behind. Although the water is prone to waves from boats, it is crystal-clear.

It’s easy to reach by car, just take the main road from La Savina to Es Pujols, pass Estany Pudent, and turng left into the carpark (parking lot) before the Illetes turnoff. Once parked, follow the boardwalk to the beach. There is also a pathway from La Savina to the beach for those walking or biking.

Sa Roqueta

Several white sand beaches separated by rocks, creating more private alcoves.

Perfect for all ages, the sloping sands and calm sea welcome all to visit. A bar and restaurant is located on the ocean front makes it easy for a quick bite to eat.

To reach these beautiful beaches, turn right off the main road from Es Pujols to La Savina, opposite the lagoon. From the carpark (parking lot), it is about a minute walk.

Playa Es Pujols

One of the most popular beaches is Playa Es Pujols, on the coast of the amazing town of Es Pujols. Long, white, sandy beaches separated by small rock centers. Split into a southern beach and a longer northern beach, the shallow and warm water offers many amenities close and water sports, such as paddle boarding right there, this beach is great for families. There is also a wooden boardwalk across the southern beach’s sand dunes for easier access to the water.

To get to this beach, drive to the town and find a place to park for a quick stroll to the beach.

Playa Llevante

Opposite of Illetes, this beach has the same white sand and turquoise water but is often less popular while still being one of the best.

Because it doesn’t usually get too crowded, it can be a great beach to spend the day swimming in crystal-clear water. The long beach has restaurants on either side as well as one in the middle and is perfect for picnicking! At the southern end, a lifeguard can be found during the peak summer months. When the wind blows off the sea, it can get a little rough, so be careful!

Playa Llevante is on the north eastern edge. To reach the southern end, leave Es Pujols towards La Savina. Next to the supermarket, turn down the road opposite Estany Pudent, then take a left at the dirt road and drive down towards the restaurant and park there. If you want to get to the northern end, follow the signs to Illetes and when you reach the end of the road with the restaurant, turn right to reach Llevante.

Cala Saona

A sandy bay in west Formentera, it is one of the most sheltered with rocky hills blocking the wind.

A larger beach with white sands and blue water. With three beach bars nearby and shallow water to play in, there is something for everyone. Hike to Torre La Gavina or kayak in the ocean.

Catch a bus from wither the port or Sant Francesc. You can also drive by leaving Sant Francesc to Cap de Barbaria, before turning right before Es Cap bar. At the end of the road, park in the field. No road is gravel, so it is easy to access.

Playa Es Calo

A small perfect harbor with boat houses surrounding it. Small round beaches near restaurants and carparks makes it easy to access.

Two main sandy beaches offer amazing views of La Mola. A beach bar on the northern beach offers great snacks to refuel. To block the sun, you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers by the beach bar. More secluded spots can be found beyond the rocks. Because of the expanse of rocky outcrops and many species of fish that live in them, this is one of the best snorkeling spots. With three restaurants and two supermarkets, you are bound to find the perfect meal or picnic waiting for you. Plus, parking is free!

This is easy to find, right off of the main road to La Mola. The carpark at Es Calo can be reached from the first driveway on the left after the speed hump. It can fill up fast in the summer.

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Playa Migjorn

With some of the coolest hangouts on Formentera, Playa Migjorn is a popular party beach. Just beyond the white shores you’ll find the chill Geko Beach Club and popular Flipper & Chiller. For food, try the Real Playa restaurant.

The longest beach in Formentera, Playa Migjorn has everything. Amazing bars, lots of sand, and beautiful waters for swimming, playing, and snorkeling. Even when busy, you can always find a spot to lay down a towel. Transportation is easiest with a car or a bus.

Smaller beaches separated by rocks are adjacent to a long, main beach. The main beach has lifeguards, sun loungers, and umbrellas in summer. You can also rent recreational equipment in the summer. With many boardwalks providing access, it is easy to get in and around the beach.

Playa Migjorn is easy to get to and has many access points. Off of the main road, go towards San Ferran before driving a on one of the numerous roads towards the beach.

How to get to formentera spanish island

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As an island, it can be difficult to see how to reach Formentera. There is no airport due to its small size, so it is only accessible by boat from Ibiza. However, it is well worth the journey, even if it includes an extra step.

There are several options to get to and from Formentera, with options every hour during the peak summer months. Most leaves from Ibiza’s main port and arrive at La Savina port on Formentera half an hour later. But how can you get to Ibiza’s port?

Getting to Ibiza’s Port from Ibiza Airport

There are several methods you can choose to reach Ibiza’s port from the airport. Just outside the arrivals terminal, you’ll find the quickest transportation – taxis. It costs around 20 euros to get to the port in 10 to 15 minutes.

Slower, but more cost effective is to catch the LIO bus, or the autobus. If you walk right from the arrivals terminal, you’ll find the bus stops. Currently it takes 3.60 euros and 30 minutes to reach the port. Buses leave every 30 minutes and you can find more information on the Ibizabus website.

You can also take a car and leave it by the port. For around 17 euros per day, you can park down a side street that is behind the main building of the port.

Another method is to higher (rent) a car. You can even take it to Formentera on the ferry, as long as it is allowed by the car company.

Ferries from Ibiza to Formentera


In about 30 minutes for around 43 euros for a return ticket, you can catch one of the many ferries from Ibiza to Formentera.

Mediterranea Pitiusa, Balearia and Transmapi all leave from Ibiza every one to two hours and are all similarly priced. They all will get you there fast!

If you don’t mind a slower trip with a transfer in Playa d’en Bossa, Aquabus offers a ferry out of old fishing boats. If you go only for a day, it’s 19 euros. For a longer stay, it’s 29 euros. The trip takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, but the price can make it all worth it.



Ferries from Denia to Formentera

If you aren’t traveling to Ibiza and want to skip it, you can travel another way to Formentera. Taking a ferry from Denia in Spain brings you directly to La Savina port in Formentera. The trip costs around 70 euros both ways and takes around 3 hours. Additionally, cars are welcome on the ferry.

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