Planning your next vacation abroad

Planning a Vacation in the Future? This is What Your Next Holiday Abroad May Look Like! 

You used to be able to arrive at the airport, check your luggage in, go through security, grab a bite to eat, board the airplane, arrive at your destination, and then have fun on your vacation. While you can still do some of those things for future vacations, parts of your travel are going to look so different.

One of the first things you will discover is that you must arrive at the airport much earlier than in the past. Upon your arrival, you will have your temperature checked before being asked to socially distance in the check-in line. There will be another socially distanced line for checking in luggage, of which you may have much more of since some airlines are no longer going to be allowing carry-ons.

You will be wearing a mask for this entire process, although you will be asked to lower it for identification purposes while passing through the security checkpoint. As soon as you clear security, you may no longer have the opportunity to grab a bite to eat or do a little shopping before it is time to board your flight.

The entire gate area will look much different too, because social distancing measures will be in place. You must still wear your mask when you board your plane and keep it on for the duration of your flight unless you are eating or drinking something. The airplanes will always be full too, because no airline is going to want to fly a partially empty plane.

When you arrive at your destination, there will be a health report to fill out. This will cause the long lines at immigration to move slower than usual. You will also be told to sign up for the tracing app if you have not already done so.

If you are driving during your vacation, you must plan ahead since some service stations might still be closed. Taking a train might seem like a safer option but be prepared to book your tickets in advance and deal with your own luggage.

All hotels have plenty of social distancing measures in place and it might seem quite strange during your first visit. If you want to go for a swim or work out in the gym, you most likely will need to reserve a time in advance. Sitting in sun loungers won’t be the same either, because some hotels are looking to install sheets of plexiglass in between them.

Going out to eat while on vacation used to be fun, but it won’t be as fun now. Thermal cameras are in place to ensure social distancing measures are being followed and buffets will not be offered.

Tourism has been at a standstill for many months now with ninety percent of the population being part of the numerous travel restrictions. However, some countries are hoping to lift many of their restrictions in time for summer travel. This is good news for those who have felt cooped up at home and are ready to spread their wings once again.

Are you ready to travel this summer? Where would you like to go?