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What You Must Know When Booking with LodgerstripPlanning a stay with Lodgerstrip is quite easy.

However, here are some helpful tips and information to make your holiday with us even more pleasant. Online Check-in and Self Check-inWe now make it easier than ever to check into your apartment.

NEW Covid19 Restrictions in Barcelona 

You can complete the online check-in process right on your smartphone. There are even times when you won’t need to collect physical keys from a person because electronic keys are used for almost all of the apartments. The entire check-in process will allow you to begin your holiday much sooner. And in addition to saving time, you will avoid contact with anyone outside your group.

Rules and Recommendations for Your StayThe current times have brought a few new rules and regulations with our apartments.

They are not difficult to remember, but since they are different, we must mention them. According to the World Health Organization, as well as the Ministry of Health, you must adhere to the following guidelines throughout your stay:

•Always stay at least two meters from people outside your group.

•You must wear a face mask properly when in public and in enclosed spaces that are outside of your apartment.

•Always cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. It is best to use a tissue, but the inside of your elbow will work too.

•Washing your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds regularly is a must. If you do not have access to soap and water, you may use hand sanitizer.

•It is best to avoid the lift. However, if you do, only one person is allowed on at a time with their luggage.

•It is best to not touch any railings, doorknobs, and intercoms.

•The community areas by the pools and terraces will be restricted during your stay.

•You should avoid all contact with anyone who appears to not be feeling well.

•At any time, if you begin to have symptoms or are not feeling well, you should remain in your apartment and call 061.

Cleaning and Hygiene Measures for Each Apartment

We have always had the safety of our guests in mind. Therefore, while we cleaned intensely before, we have increased our cleaning measures even more. The hygiene measures you should expect during every visit includes:

•The use of LACTIC disinfectant products to clean apartments in between guests.

•All maintenance and cleaning professionals will wear masks, gloves, and other personal protective gear while performing their jobs.

•Cleaning and maintenance staff will only enter the apartment you are staying in if it is absolutely necessary.

•All unclean bedding is bagged and transported to the laundry for sanitation purposes.

•All the bedding and other textile materials throughout each apartment will be washed using temperatures that are more than 60 degrees Celsius.

•There are bins in the bathrooms that are double-bagged and have lids that have a non-manual opening.

•The amount of decorations inside each apartment has been limited to ensure that no extra germs are staying in place during the cleaning process. While this may make the rooms appear slightly sparse and unwelcoming, it is to ensure your safety and the safety of all our other guests.

•The filters within the air conditioner and the dryer are cleaned after the departure of each guest.

•All guests will have access to hand sanitizer immediately upon their arrival at their apartment.

•There are protocol plans in place for each apartment building to ensure that the most recent rules and regulations are being followed.

•Any apartment that is known to have been accessed by a COVID-19 positive guest will be cleaned in greater detail. There are stricter processes in place for those scenarios and we have teamed up with a specialized company to ensure future guests are safe when the apartment has been re-opened.

Booking Activities in BarcelonaIt is easy to book activities in Barcelona with Lodgerstrip. It is also easy to locate information about every activity, as well as the activity’s cancellation policy. All this information can be found on the website.

CancellationsWe have recently made our cancellation policy more flexible, due to COVID-19. Our current policy is as follows:

If you make a reservation after 1/5/20, you can easily cancel without penalties up to 7 days prior to your arrival. If you cancel with less than 7 days of your arrival, you will not receive a refund.

However, you can use your prepayment for a future date that is within a year of your original check-in date. It is important to note that all cancellations must be done in writing in order to be valid. You can send your cancellation to info@lodgerstrip.comCustomer ServiceAt any time, you can visit our Contact Page to get in touch with any member of our team.

You can use this page for questions or to alert us to something you will need for your stay. We are always more than happy to help you, as it ensures you have a fabulous time with us during your visit.