Lodgerstrip autocaravan service

 "The goal is to ensure you can continue to travel with your family in a safe and economical way."

Here at Lodgerstrip Autocaravans service, we deliver all budget friendly campervan rental Spain options to both Barcelona and Tarragona. We have T4 campers ready to go for all your future travel adventures. These camper caravans may appear simple, but they have everything you need for a perfect family vacation. Plus, they are comfortable, cozy, and offer the uniqueness you desire when away from home.

A Few Things to Know About Why You Should Utilize Lodgerstrip Autocaravans service

1.Living Free When you decide to rent a campervan from us at Lodgerstrip Autocaravan service, you will automatically have the option to live free for as long as you wish! You can easily have the freedom to go wherever you want to and stay there for a week, two weeks, a month, or longer. You, and your family, will decide when it is time to venture onwards, wake up, and even go to bed at night. The freedom you will experience will always have you coming back for more!

2.Embracing Nature Not everyone is a fan of nature, but when you are renting a caravan, you get to choose the nature you are embracing. Since you are not sleeping out in the wild each night, and instead are tucked away in your caravan, you will begin to appreciate the parts of nature you really want to embrace. Think of those long walks on the beach, the treks through the parks, and even the sound of the ocean as you fall asleep at night.

3.Live a Simpler Life When you are on vacation, you do not want to deal with endless cleaning and clutter. This is where our caravans are amazing, because they will allow you to live a simpler life. When you avoid all the clutter, you can spend time on the things that matter the most, like your family, friends, and the landscape around you.

4.Be Present in the Moment Living a simpler life will also allow you to be present in the moment. You will never miss all those firsts ever again, because you will have time for them! We want you to embrace those sunrises and sunsets, the sounds of the leaves rustling in the wind, and the sound of your child waking up in the morning.

Security and COVID-19 Procedures

It is important that we take the time to talk about a few things during this current challenging time. COVID-19 has brought many challenges and removed many of our freedoms. You are like millions of other people around the world. You have been locked up inside your house, spending those hours working and staring at the same four walls. Yes, you may have some close family members with you, but things have probably gotten a little stir-crazy. Thankfully, it has been deemed that traveling by campers and caravans are completely safe, especially in Spain.

You can have a new home away from home, regain your independence, and minimize contact with people you do not know. Here at Lodgerstrip Autocaravans service , we thoroughly clean and disinfect every single caravan in between uses. The disinfection protocols that we use eliminate the virus and guarantee you are traveling safely.

We also have a flexible cancellation policy, so you can easily book without worry. If you cannot pickup your caravan due to new or existing COVID-19 guidelines, or you end up with this horrible virus, we will refund 100% of your reservation fee. We know you are ready for your life to get back to normal. Take advantage of what we have to offer you with our family friendly, clean, and safe caravans for all your future Spain adventures! You definitely won’t be disappointed!